The World's First Online Festival

Clubs are closed, events are cancelled... it suc** to be stuck at home... But we all have to do our part!

Social distancing is vital now to contain the virus' spread. But it doesn't mean that we have to stop the party, nor to share the music we love... Let's flood the web with good sounds and dance moves to be shared from your studios, windows and balconies.

Gear out, speakers up, windows open and let's dance! #StaySafe #SocialDistancing


Social Distancing Movement

The #StayHome Festival will raise awareness within the dance music community on how best to stay safe while supporting the artists and events in our beloved scene. Links to resources of credible information on social distancing, flattening the curve, and doing what we can to mitigate the threat while coming together to support everyone, including those in the industry who are affected by the outbreak.


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  • Jams


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Donating to NGOs & Support the #StayHomeFestival movement.

In this time of crisis we are mobilizing DanceTelevision's entire pool of assets (staff, millions of social media followers, commercial distribution deals, and technological solutions) in or to support the event community and spread awareness on the World Health Organization recommendations to help us all keep safe. We are programming an ambitious schedule of round-the-clock broadcasts on the special #StayHome channel which will be shared and cross-posted to millions of fans on social media.

We will continue #StayHomeFestival until this crisis has wound down and we can all venture out into the world into the nightclubs again. Meanwhile several key contributors have joined our team full-time in areas like PR, promotions, artist coordination, and data logistics, in order to help organize and execute the digital festival, and are currently working gratis.

To keep this festival FREE FOR ALL, we are calling industry partners, sponsor brands and fans to:

1. Consider donating to NGOs fundraising we will promote across our streams.

2. Consider sponsoring the #StayHomeFestival that will help to cover specifically and solely the living wage staffing costs in order for our team members to continue the publication efforts related to the digital festival on a non-profit basis. All profit generated from these sponsorship will be redistributed to the World Health Organization. Donors will be credited in the 'Thank you' block of our streams.